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Protect your wood floors

Rejuvenate your wood floors

Over time, the protective coating on your wood flooring wears down, exposing the stain and wood. To get the most out of your wood floors, you should have them recoated when this begins to happen. Easier than it might sound, a fresh coat of protective sealant is the right way to protect your flooring against wear and tear.

Protective coatings make a difference

Have your floors coated and polished



If you have a lot of foot traffic, or are planning to host a big get together, having your wood floors coated and polished is a great way to protect them against the wear and tear.

Protect your floors against wear and tear with regular protective coatings.

Get a FREE estimate on polishing and waxing your floors.

When you trust us to re-coat your wood floors, we will go the extra mile. Not only will we do a great job coating them, we will also wax and polish your floors.

- Makes your flooring look new

- Protects the stain against wear and tear

- Protects the wood against water and scratches

- Increases the durability of the flooring

- Adds shine and luster

- Can be waxed to hide scratches

- Can be buffed and polished

- Affordable way to rejuvenate a floor