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Elegant wood borders

Add definition to your wood floors

When you add a border to your wood flooring, you are defining the space, and creating a more complete appearance. You can have your border run along the floorboards, or use a border as an inlay to create a modern appearance. Either way you go, you can trust our artisan craftsmen to deliver stunning results.

A variety of applications

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Your wood floors need to be installed by somebody who has a keen eye for detail, and the patience it takes to do the job right. Our craftsmen are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality work possible.

With over 18 years of experience, your wood borders will be expertly and precisely installed. While it is best to incorporate a border during new installation, we can add them to existing flooring as well.

- Define a room's space

- Create a two-tone modern look

- Add texture with a different pattern

- Add color and flare

- Create a refined appearance

- Control traffic flow

- Exceptional quality craftsmanship

- Custom designs and layouts

Take your wood floors to another level with custom borders.

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